Our Agreement

This Tripartite Agreement is a collaboration between the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Greater Manchester Housing Providers and the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

It offers a compelling commitment to the people of Greater Manchester and to the stakeholder organisations that we work with. It is a commitment that sets out our vision and plans to work alongside local people and neighbourhoods to deliver positive change. The partnership formalises how we will align our expertise, resources, influence, knowledge and capacity to deliver better outcomes with local people. Supporting this agreement are detailed workplans for each partner that outline how our strategic commitments translate into projects and outcomes ‘on the ground’. We know that good housing and good health are at the heart of the commitments in the Greater Manchester Strategy to ‘Start Well, Live Well, Age Well’ but whilst health creation is dependent on good housing, it also dependent on access to good quality jobs, our physical environment, education and skills, resources and social connections. Our partnership has the influence to make a positive impact on health creation. Each of the partners deliver on many of the challenges that Greater Manchester faces such as homelessness and rough sleeping, improving skills and training, accessing good jobs, building and retaining social connections, building resilient communities, clean air and growing the economy. Our ambitions for future generations, and the importance of housing as a building block of good health, creates a natural alignment between our organisations. Our partnership is a platform to underpin the commitments set out within the strategic framework of Greater Manchester, the Greater Manchester Housing Strategy, the Public Service white paper and GMHSCP Prospectus. We think strategically, work in partnership and deliver locally.

­Each of the partners are people focused; service provision and engagement are at our very core and we work alongside the people living in Greater Manchester to create solutions to complex problems. We are financially strong and can commit resources to deliver those solutions and can commit for the long term, delivering change that will make a positive and permanent improvement to people’s lives.

Our challenge has been to develop commitments that are as innovative as they are efficient, as passion filled as they are pragmatic, based on collaboration, making the best use of the resources that are available and effectively competing for new ones. Our ability to add value, to be greater than the sum of our parts mean that we can fully support the ambitious deals and undertakings of devolution. By working together, we are unlocking fresh thinking, better integration and more effective delivery. We have developed detailed plans, put new infrastructure in place and strengthened relationships to help us meet our core objectives.

This is a three-year agreement, but we are thinking longer term; we will do things differently, identifying the challenges and co-produce unique place level solutions ensuring that they deliver better outcomes for people. Each individual partner has a track record of delivering positive change; in making these commitments, we are aware of the level of expectation and optimism about what we are doing, both within and beyond Greater Manchester. We are ready to deliver.

We think strategically, work in partnership and deliver locally.