Our Vision

Our vision is in line with the Greater Manchester vision to make Greater Manchester one of the best places in the world to grow up, get on and grow old.

We have a passion for progress and want to be the best that we can. We want to deliver opportunities to help people start well, live well and age well. We want to ensure that people who need support, receive it and that our partnership helps to build resilience and independence. By working together, we will deliver outcomes that could not be achieved individually and that make a significant difference to people’s individual lives.

How we work together is as important as many of the outcomes that we want to achieve. We are value driven organisations who work to build trust and make positive impacts.

These objectives describe how we work together:

  • learn from Covid-19 and ensure that all of our priorities are focused on ‘building back better’. For many the personal crisis of housing affordability will not go away when the emergency ends;
  • accelerate progress, and challenge systems to improve the scale, pace and impact of what we can achieve;
  • work alongside communities to build resilience and independence;
  • support democratic accountability and genuine co-production of services;
  • build on what individuals, families and communities can achieve, rather than focusing on what they lack;
  • be flexible with the resources that we have and maximise new resources that we can bring;
  • respond to people’s immediate needs, whilst focusing on prevention;
  • influence local, regional and national policy through our research, expertise and learning; and
  • share good practice across Greater Manchester to raise standards, bring innovative approaches and push the boundaries.